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Your SMS should look like this


Send the message to

If your SMS pin code is out of balance only part of the message will be sent, be sure you have enough credit.

How long before the SMS reach the receipting?

I will take only a few second up to a few minutes. But it might take time a bit longer on holidays like New Year evening or Loy Kratong evening.

Will I get a confirm SMS?

No, but you will get a confirm email.

Can I send SMS to different people with the same Pin?

Yes, of course

What will happen if the recipient's telephone is off?

The SMS will be delivered when the telephone is on.

How many characters can I write?

The maximum number of characters for a single-part SMS message is now 1000 characters (including spaces) but 1 credit 50 characters.

How can I recharge my account?

For security reasons we have adapted a very easy solution for you. When your PIN is finished you just sign up for another pin and start sending SMS right away.

What if I have any more questions?

Please feel free to contact us after you checked the blog for news and updates.

What is "I want SMS answer"?

If you want the person in Thailand to reply to your SMS you can pay 5 credits and she or he can send a reply back in Thai. We will forward the SMS in English to your cell phone or email. We will send an instruction to the other person how to send an SMS back to our system for translation. Make sure you have at least 6 credits left in your balance when sending the SMS.

Recipient No:
SMS Answer: I want SMS Answer

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Pin Code:

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