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Thai Translated SMS – for millions of mobile users

user Posted by Sms Thailand Support | date bullet April 22nd, 2012

Press Release for

Thai Translated SMS – for millions of mobile users

SMS Thailand is proud to endow their text translation service to surmount the linguistic barriers. Thai translated SMS – enables users to translate words and short passages from English to Thai and vice versa. We have over 500 register users.
In the present world, geographical distance & borders have lost their historical meaning. Modern technology lets one to connect directly with some of the most far-flung locations on earth. The last remnant obstacle to unimpeded communication among different community of people is the language barrier and our company has arisen to the occasion to overcome even this obstacle.
SMS Thailand is company that sends & translates SMS from/to Thai language. They translate SMS automatic through a manual touch to ensure the translation is right. They are the acme providers of this service for the Thai and foreign market.
This service is on the rise because of both new users’ requirements as well as market competition. They use computer system as a translator for their customers that provides the extensive array of translation solutions and guarantees the highest achievable quality and competence of translation processes.
To translate a word or a short passage the users have to send an SMS containing mobile number – pin code – the message (The maximum number of characters for a single SMS content is 1000 characters including spaces). In couples of seconds, the receiver will have translated text on their cell phones. The service cost will be $1 only, which is quite affordable for the users. On their very 5th anniversary this company has been providing a lucrative offer of free 100 SMS on your purchase of 100 SMS. is headed to different English- and Thai-speaking user – students or people being on business trip. They recognize the reality that the customers are seeking out the best text translation service that they can find. Thus SMS Thailand present their service for people to stay connected with one another in a simple and economical manner.
With their higher level of accuracy merged with an extremely intuitive text translation service helps the users to overcome the linguistic barriers. With SMS Thailand translating incoming and outgoing messages is child’s play. The service offered by SMS Thailand you can send text in Thai language, which is the fare-thee-well solution for you. So do not forget to send SMS to your loved once in Thailand.
To find further information about the service, visit the SMS Thailand website at

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