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Flowers to Thailand

user Posted by Sms Thailand Support | date bullet February 5th, 2010

It is soon time to send your Thai sexy girlfriend a sign that you love her. If you have a Thai girlfriend you cannot miss the valentine it is has become a big holiday in Thailand.
People are selling flowers all over Thailand from Pizza hut to Thai massages places they are all trying to sell flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Sending flowers to Thailand for valentine is very easy all you have to do is to go to Thailand Flowers Delivery; it is probably the best online florist in Thailand. They have 99 Roses for 99 UDS and price nobody has beaten in over 8 years. The good thing with Thailand flowers Delivery is that they keep the low price even on Valentine.

The color of the roses can vary from different happenings but on Valentine do not try anything else then red, the Thai florist probably does not even have another color. Some people try to be clever and order another color of roses but it will be the same price as red on a day like valentine.

Beside the lovely flowers Thailand Flowers Delivery send you Thai girl, they also give you free 5 credits from SMS Thailand and you can use them to send free translated SMS to Thailand.

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Your Chanse to Get Free Flowers for Valentine

user Posted by Sms Thailand Support | date bullet February 4th, 2010

Free flowers to Thailand for Valentine

Just want to let you know about a great promotion that is taking place right now on Facebook. Check out the group one Facebook.
Now you have the chance to get free flowers for Valentine in Thailand. The Bangkok Flower Shop and Thailand Flowers Delivery have made a contest on Facebook where you can win free flowers for Valentine in Thailand.

All you have to is join the group on Facebook and make sure your valentine join as well. If you not already a member of Facebook you need to join now.
If you just want to order flowers for Valentine I can suggest you use the coupon “facebook” and get $10 off the price.

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