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How to send SMS to Thailand

user Posted by Sms Thailand Support | date bullet September 27th, 2008

Our sms service uses computer system as a translator for you, so in this case I would like you, the sender, to know the meaning in Thai of some English words which might have the different meaning in what you really want it to mean.
For example, if you sent the message with “x”, it means “kiss” in Thai and “o” means hug.
Also please try to avoid using slang word, because when the system translates your message in Thai, your receiver will not understand what you are trying to say because each country don’t have same slang words to say, I think you realize that but just remind you again.

Also, if you try to send sweet message to Thai girls, avoid making some jokes which you think it’s funny because for Thais’ view, it’s really not.  For example, if you say “My fat body is ready for you”, trust me Thai girls will not think of it as a joke but might feel turn off and such.  What’s more, Irony joke is also not really working with Thai culture, you think it’s funny but Thais might think of it as insult or rude, so be careful with that.

More about joke, dirty joke is also not working with Thai girls as well because Thai never interpret the dirty joke as a joke but think of rude and impolite.

The length of the message is also an issue because Thai language has many consonants and vowels, so the longer message is the more easy to understand.

In conclusion, you better stick to simple sentence in order to make the translation perfect and precise

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